Striking or streaming the guitar is never easy. Any guitarists know this when they were still on the foot of the mountain and trying to climb their way to the top of acing the chords. When learning to play the guitar, it is important that you put your heart in it. And that means you have the willingness to go through the process of enduring the pain on your fingers and getting lost with the bunch of chords and minor letters to perfect the steaming. Learning the art of playing guitar is fun and can give you that height when you finally figure out how to play it right. Hence, the art of learning it might not be easy from the start but the sure thing it will get better as you keep striking.

Starting from the scratch

All learners start from here. No one has ever aced any race without passing the starting line. And it is not that easy to get up and head on a speedy way to the track. Learning how to play guitar lets you meet the basics that are sometimes overwhelming as you have to memorize it. Oh, that is wrong. Memorizing can get through out of your head when you got bumped, but knowing the chords through striking it with your fingers and doing it with a song will more likely to retain in your system. As they said, “education without application is no education at all.” That’s how it works with learning a skill in guitar. You have to practice the chords by using it to play a song. You can always refer to guides readily available on your favorite app or with your friend Google.

Playing guitar is a roller coaster ride


Sure, this is fun, but annoying! There are times that you feel like giving up because you can’t get that sound out of guitars bass. Sometimes it makes you feel frustrated. When you encounter this, always remember that it isn’t only you who have felt such difficulty. Your favorite guitarist in Maroon 5 or The Beatles has gone through this hardship, and they never did give up! Make that inspiration for you to keep going and extend your patience on learning the skill. Along the way, you will surely find that glorious moment of finally tuning the guitar and play it like a pro.

Did you get a talent? Upgrade it

After tons of tons of practice, you finally nailed it! The moment is too awesome to describe how happy you are to play your favorite song without looking into the cheats. You have talent already, so what to do next? Don’t just put the guitar on the side and head on the next instrument. You still have a lot of ways to go. Upgrading this talent will make you one of the best guitarists. Better have a specialty than know all yet you don’t have something that you excel with. Knowing to play the guitar is the best start for you to become a pro. Enhance this talent by keep going on by playing a lot of songs, joining bands, and have some gigs. It will not only upgrade your talent but will also expose you to different people and excite the self-esteem you have.

colors-1485045__180If you want to learn how to play guitar, you must first have that willingness in you as it will keep the fire burning as you encounter different challenges along the way. The Next thing is to have a guitar that you can grow with. Simple guitars are good tools. Hence, you have to purchase the simple one that best describes you. It doesn’t have to be fancy as you still in the process of learning, but you can work on with choosing a color that you like and that best describe your personality. It helps you keep upbeat with practicing at some point. Nonetheless, knowing your goals and to what extent you can bring the learning to will give you that push to learn and ace the art of playing guitar.