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Considering the number of artists and bands on the market, it has become tough to track all the news. Occasionally, we try to publish interviews with performs and connect them with the audience. We also support a large number of Indy bands, which are yet to be discovered.

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On our website you will discover the latest news from the music industry. We tend to provide up to date information about bands, music album, and torus.


Our readers love to read interviews we do with various artists, they love finding out things about their music and personal life. On our website will provide you the best interviews with the most famous artists.

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Sometimes people expect too much from one artist, but once performer fails to deliver expectations, we are here to tell you the truth. Here you will find honest reviews and always be up to date.

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Every month we will publish the top concert performers, the dates and price tickets. We will provide you additional information about the cheapest accommodation and how to buy tickets.


How to Be A Rocker Of Your Own Version

The Beatles or Metallica? Sure anyone wants to be a part of the band! Having a group like them will turn every moment into the party-all-night scene. Loud music- oh freaking loud makes everyone shout out loud jive and jump with the rock. Most of your cool friends...

The top 5 music tours of 2008

Each year, a popular music website Billboard assembles the list of the highest-grossing concert tours and show where the money is going. Considering that industry revenue has decreased in the last couple of years, live performers still manage to acquire a high...

The best music forums

Music blogging has changed a lot in the last decade. People who used to downloads songs illegally, now have to dig deep, if they want to get their favorite songs, of they have to enter forums. This requires a lot of research, but there are also some benefits. Once you...


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