Each guitar has its specific role in a particular song and a band. The names themselves already speak quite a lot about the position this guitar hold in a band, and what type of melody they produce. Rarely the guitarist is an exceptional professional in terms of both rhythm and lead, they mostly decide for one of these two and maintain their career on it. This is because both of these playing types require a lot of exercise, knowledge, and experience as well as different styles not only in the basic melody but also in the techniques of playing.


The rhythm that guitar plays is giving the melodic basis for the song. Just like drums, she is changing the speed and the rhythm, but also the main tones around which the song develops. In bands where there is only one guitarist, he plays mainly as a rhythm for 2/3 of the song.

The basic thing that every rhythm guitarist needs to know is how to stay in the rhythm and in the melody even when it changes. His task is to give other musicians the rhythm through which the other musicians will play, from which they will deviate and return, while the rhythm guitarist keeps that rhythm as a fortress all the time. It is like giving the basis for the cake so it can have all those filings and creams.

Knowing rhythms and chords is quite basic, as well as good team plays with other rhythm instruments like drums and bass guitar. It is important to know that the guitarist of this kind does not play the same rhythm for the whole song. He accelerates it and slows down, breaks it into unequal parts and returns it back. He plays with a rhythm just like other musicians play with the basic melody. The goal is not to lose the thread and to always play somewhere around the basic of the song. As far as you go in your experiments, a good song will never change its sound so that it becomes absolutely unrecognizable from its foundation.


Lead guitar is the one instrumentthat gives the most melodies to a song. It is also considered to be one of the most important instruments in pop and rock groups – the style of the band depends exactly on what style and sound the lead guitar plays.

A good guitarist must be a great improviser; more precisely, he must skillfully deviate from the main melody so that his deviation still sounds parallel with the notes used in the main melody. It must be composed not only with the basic sound of the song, but also with all the other tones it has, so that there is no wrong deviation. This is achieved through the knowledge of various techniques and music scales, as well as knowing chords played by other musicians in the band. This is also achieved by reacting to the moment, originality and talent.