Guitar: Best Buddy of The Gang, Yay or Nay?

Guitar: Best Buddy of The Gang, Yay or Nay?

Your friends just made a commotion on the group chat. Oh, what’s new? You’ve got to check that out! Every time we encounter this; we always have this thought that there is something up for this weekend. Sure it is about the gang’s get together and some party-all-night! Sounds fun, doesn’t it? And then, someone gets the idea of each, of what to do, and how it should go through the rest of the night. And never had it failed that someone said “I’ll bring the guitar with me that’s what made everybody freak out! Most of your friends love music as normal, and highly active people do. And having one on such gathering is a centerpiece of fun. However, tagging a bulky bag of the guitar can sometimes be a hassle if you are out on a disco bar and everyone is dancing but you. Well, that is just a simple case- less important than having it all along the road trips or on a beach getaway around a bonfire.

Road trips are never boring

Your guitarist’s friend would never fail to bring this stuff on the road trips right? But how about when he’s sick and cannot come along with the gang? Sure there has to be someone to bring it, and that is you! Make the trip even livelier by taking that piece of guitar sleeping under your bed. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know much about the chords. What matters is how you enjoy the trip with something that creates noise. Anyway, that is more important with your friends as they will not get bored while traveling. A tune or hum will be a good start and strike the guitar with your fingers softly and then hard makes the trunk of the pick-up get wild! How is this not fun? You ask that your grandma.

pexels-photo-26434-mediumBeach getaway becomes a party

Nothing beats the guitar when the darkness bites the sky! Typically, a beach getaway spent overnight will never be complete without a gathering on a bonfire. It is something that all of your friends are looking up for the weekend trip. And the best way to enjoy it is stringing the guitar with a jolly tune or a reggae beat and get rolling with bottles of beer. There comes the silent guy became a rocker, the loudest one freaking out and you are laughing out loud as you sing out of tune! See that? A simple guitar can transform any group to a rocker band or a reggae flock.

A guitar that sticks on your back inside a piece of black bag is never a bulky thing for any event. You got to have this wherever the company goes as it never fails to transform a boring time to lively and upbeat scenario. If you haven’t had your own piece yet, then you surely have to get on the town and look for the guitar that best matches your preference. Make any way a better place to go as you tag along with the guitar and make a hum and fill the air with awesome sound!


The top 5 music tours of 2008

The top 5 music tours of 2008

Each year, a popular music website Billboard assembles the list of the highest-grossing concert tours and show where the money is going. Considering that industry revenue has decreased in the last couple of years, live performers still manage to acquire a high financial gain. On the other hand, the visitors have an opportunity to see the unique experience that cannot be downloaded from any page. After all, when your favorite artist is performing, you will want to take the first seats.  So, here are the top music tours of 2008.

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi is one of the most popular bands nowadays, but in 2008 they topped all the charts. They were able to perform 99 shows and earn a total gross of $210,650,974; an average price ticket was $97.60. Even though many people may think this is a high price for one show, but if you have once visited their performance, then you will know it’s worthy of your money.

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce is one of the most celebrated artists of our time, romantic, but still, hard – core melody has the power to lure you into the lyrics and create the perfect atmosphere in the concerts. This is one of the reasons why he managed to earn $204,513,630. He had 82 concerts, and an average price ticket was $97.60


the police 2008Madonna is the queen of the stage, with the great music, performance, and dancing, Madonna’s shows are among the most requested one. She managed to earn a total gross of $185,696,018 by hosting only 39 shows. Considering that average price ticket was $136.75, which to be honest is a lot, but her concerts are a true piece of art. If you are a fan of Madonna’s music, then we are sure this price would be insignificant to you.

The Police

Even though Sting managed to establish a separate career, The Police band is still going strong. Wherever they show up, the band creates madness. In 2008, they managed to earn $149,623,800 and sell 78 concerts; an average price ticket was $101.80.

The best music forums

The best music forums

Music blogging has changed a lot in the last decade. People who used to downloads songs illegally, now have to dig deep, if they want to get their favorite songs, of they have to enter forums. This requires a lot of research, but there are also some benefits. Once you join the forum, you will discover entirely a new world of people who openly share their ideas, recommendation, and advice. If you are a fan of the music and love exploring new things, then we have the best music forums for you.


Among the online community, Reddit has become famous for spreading ongoing news and encouraging conversation. Here the most popular session is Hip Hop Heads, where fans can discuss current events, debate hip-hop music and basically open any discussion they want. Considering that this forum is very active and exciting, it could pass hours before you notice the time.


We all know Kanye West and how much he loves to speak. His fans are diverse in expressing their opinion. So, there is no better way to show their loyalty than to dedicate a forum to this famous performer. The forum covers a variety of topics, such as art, fashion, music and the other artists he loves. Considering that this forum is dedicated to him, he is probably joining some of the discussions anonymously.

Vinyl Collective

vinyl-collective-logoYou are all familiar with the Vinyl Records because it has been on the market for some time. But obsession which this brand has grown in the last few years. Young collectors who are new to this can find their answers here and share their knowledge. Beginners can learn about proper care and how to tell the quality of some record. Considering that this is a music forum, you can also share your favorite songs and albums with other users.


Usually, when the layout of the website is too distracting, it can be a significant downfall, but surpassingly, that’s not the case with this one. Regardless of the aesthetics, the traffic remains strong. The visitors can find almost anything here regarding the music.