Each year, a popular music website Billboard assembles the list of the highest-grossing concert tours and show where the money is going. Considering that industry revenue has decreased in the last couple of years, live performers still manage to acquire a high financial gain. On the other hand, the visitors have an opportunity to see the unique experience that cannot be downloaded from any page. After all, when your favorite artist is performing, you will want to take the first seats.  So, here are the top music tours of 2008.

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi is one of the most popular bands nowadays, but in 2008 they topped all the charts. They were able to perform 99 shows and earn a total gross of $210,650,974; an average price ticket was $97.60. Even though many people may think this is a high price for one show, but if you have once visited their performance, then you will know it’s worthy of your money.

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce is one of the most celebrated artists of our time, romantic, but still, hard – core melody has the power to lure you into the lyrics and create the perfect atmosphere in the concerts. This is one of the reasons why he managed to earn $204,513,630. He had 82 concerts, and an average price ticket was $97.60


the police 2008Madonna is the queen of the stage, with the great music, performance, and dancing, Madonna’s shows are among the most requested one. She managed to earn a total gross of $185,696,018 by hosting only 39 shows. Considering that average price ticket was $136.75, which to be honest is a lot, but her concerts are a true piece of art. If you are a fan of Madonna’s music, then we are sure this price would be insignificant to you.

The Police

Even though Sting managed to establish a separate career, The Police band is still going strong. Wherever they show up, the band creates madness. In 2008, they managed to earn $149,623,800 and sell 78 concerts; an average price ticket was $101.80.